Small Business Services


EduTech provides the highest quality individual PC and computer network installation service. This service will help you avoid unnecessary service calls by getting your system to operate properly from the start.

System Evaluation

To ensure your computer system operates at its highest possible potential, EduTech will evaluate your current system and make recommendations for increased efficiency at regular intervals.

System Design

EduTech can assist you as you start to plan, build, or remodel your facilities.  EduTech will design a computer system to meet the growing needs of your company.

Remote Assistance

Software such as VNC and SSH enables EduTech to solve many of your PC problems quickly and without an on-site visit.

On-Site Visit

On a scheduled basis, EduTech can visit your facilities to answer questions and to make sure your PCs and network is operating properly.  Contracts for daily, weekly, monthly, as well as per-visit service calls are available.

Proactive approach

EduTech’s approach is to prevent problems from occurring.  Regular service will minimize your repairs, reducing future service call costs and minimizing downtime.