Current Wireless Installations

EduTech currently has wireless systems installed and operational in a nine (9) State area.
Groups who have been making use of this technology include: School Districts, City Entities, County Entities, Grain Elevators, Grain Co-Ops, Local Telephone Companies and National Wireless Internet Service Providers.
Below you can see an overview of the States we have installations in.  Clicking on a State’s name will take you to more detailed information on the systems located in that State.  Below the map is more information on the types of customers who are finding uses for wireless systems


A growing number of grain and feed elevators and co-ops have found wireless to be a great solution to enable them to connect their data networks together between remote towns. Many of these businesses are running customized software from a central location.  With their wireless connection, the remote sites can enter data into this centralized database in real-time.  Additionally many are using the wireless connection to share a single broadband Internet service between these locations as well.
Several Internet Service Providers are using wireless technology to extend their ability to provide Internet service into towns that otherwise might be left without connectivity.

There are a wide variety of School Districts and Colleges who are currently using wireless technology.  Many of them have physical locations that are separated.  Sometimes this distance is only several city blocks.  Other times the distance may be several miles. Wireless technology has proven to be a cost effective alternative when other methods are not feasible.